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New Photos -Cara Acting  :)

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Cara's Az Address: Cara is coming home Dec. 13!

Letters from Cara updated 
December 7, 2005 





Notes from Megan: Once you get to each photo page, click on a photo to make it larger.  Once you click on one photo, you can use directional arrows to move from one large photo to the next, like a slide show format.  I'm sorry that not all photos are labeled/explained, but I hope they give you some idea of Cara's life!!      :)


Put on-line Nov. 1, 2005:
Here's some pics from my performance at our Close of Service conference in September. Kerrie was Dr. Ibarie and I was Hade, from our favorite show Klon. 


Put on-line February 2005:
New Photos 1             New Photos 2  

Put on-line Nov. 22, 2004:
Mud Volcanoes         Petroglyphs            Fun Somewhere

Put on-line May 24, 2004:             
Photos from April 2004
with friends at a "guesting" in Mingachevir and a monument in Ganja; also with mountains

Put on-line April 20, 2004:
Azeri Style
there are many more Doors with the "Christmas in Seki" pics
more photos
Training & Swearing In Dec 2003
Christmas in Seki, Dec 2003

Put on-line January 30, 2004:
Baku Nov-Dec 2003
    volleyball, history, city scenes, people in the capital
Boyuk Hemiya Nov Dec 2003
    beautiful Caspian Sea photos (more added as of April)
Castle Near Siyazan
   see Cara in nature and history
Devechi Nov-Dec 2003
chai ...  Devechi is North of Siyazan, but South of Quba
Mingacevir Nov Dec 2003
   Cara's new home - Mingtown -including her apartment building
PCV Group and Individual Photos
   see the 1st PCVs to Azerbaijan! right before their swearing in
Quba Nov-Dec 2003
    2 good pictures 
Siyazan Nov-Dec 2003
    people, the family village, street scenes
Sumgayit Nov-Dec 2003
    PCVs, English L. Center, Caspian Sea, daily life photos
Sumgayit Market
Thanksgiving 2003 at Sumgayit
The Infamous Shoes
   don't miss this picture if you've read about Cara's feet fashions
Washington,D.C. - more pictures

Put on-line Dec. 2003:
D.C., Our Peace Corps Team & Money
Cara Teaching
Caspian Sea
Cara's House In Siyazan
Siyazan Around Cara House
Toy (Marriage Celebration)

Links, Newsletters and More:


Shared by other Azeri Peace Corps Volunteers  updated March 11, 2005


Az Peace Corps Newsletters 
June- September 2004 Newsletter:
             ADOBE ACROBAT version

April 2004 Newsletter:
WORD version
            ADOBE ACROBAT version


INFO re AZERBAIJAN (added  April 20)


"Famous musicians" (added March 26)
 Some of the PCVs met Faig in Baku!


FUNNY LINK RE AZERI LIFE  (from Cara Feb.  3) (click on link)
Cara says:  I  don't know if you will think this funny...but its true because it is how I experience life on a regular basis.  It takes forever to load.
cp  :) 
Megan agrees:  Its funny & educational, worth waiting for!    :)    Has entertaining background sound, if you have sound, but still good if you don't have sound.